Collection Number 48
Title Wayang Madura
Time 1940 Circa
Time Acquisition 1996
Place Madura, East Java, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Triwindu Market, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Size 36cm x 41cm
Epics (Mahabharata)
Current Location Bangkok, Thailand (Home)
Description The portrayed wayang is King (Prabu) Baladewa from the kingdom of Mandura (Madura). He was married to Dewi Erawati, the oldest daughter of King Salya from the kingdom of Mandaraka. King Baladewa was the older brother of King Kresna (Krisna) and Dewi Bratajaya. He was very sakti (great in manipulating his super natural power). He was also a pendeta (priest) who called himself Wasi Jaladara. He had two magical weapons:

Brama) and Alugura. He also had two elephants: a white one named Gajah Kyi Puspadenta, which he only rode this for sightseeing and a black elephant named Kyi Yuda Kethi that he only rode into battle.

He missed the war because his younger brother Kresna asked Baladewa to meditate under a Grojogan Sewu (water fall) accompanied by his son Raden Setyaka. He promised to let him know when the war began. It was not until the war was almost over that Baladewa knew anything about when he saw that the water was running red and thousands of human bodies, horses and chariots were falling from the top of the waterfall. When he ran to the battle field, found out that the war was almost over and only King Duryudana had remained alive. After the five Pandhawa brothers died, King Baladewa had a long life.  (shortened from .cgi?article=1000&context=music_research)