Collection Number 11
Title Nabi Nuh/Prophet Noah
Time 1995
Time Acquisition 1995
Place Jogjakarta, DKJ, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition From painter, Jl Tungah Padi, Umbul Arjo, Jogjakarta, DIJ, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Sulasno (Wonosari 1957 – )
Size 93cm x 74cm
Current Location Bangkok, Thailand (Home)
Description Similar to the other Abrahamic religions. Islam recognizes the biblical figure of Noah (Nuh). In Islam, he is a prophet and messenger of God with the mission of warning his people, asking them to call for repentance and, at the same time, of preaching about God’s mercy and forgiveness, promising them the glad tidings God would provide if they led righteous lives.

The painting describes the Ark that God ordered Noah to build to save him and the believers from the dreadful flood that submerged the sinners upon earth and that carried a pair of every animal species.