Collection Number 70
Title Pasukan Baris Zaman Belanda/ Dutch-era line Troops
Time 1980 Circa
Time Acquisition 1995
Place Jogjakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Antique shop, Parangritis Rd., Jogjakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death) Siman
Size 33cm x 40cm
Category (Sub-Category) History
Current Location Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (VME) Permanent Exhibition “Indonesian Glass Paintings: The Collection of O‘ong Maryono and Rosalia Sciortino” Link: tranh-kinh-indonesia-en-us/
Description The illustration is of local troops marching in the colonial time (no further specification) A painting with this design was exposed at the exhibition “Kaca-kaca Berlukisan Tradisi Jawa Tengah”, which was held by Bentara Budaya Jakarta on 1-5 September 19