Collection Number 16
Title Pak Sakera perang dengan Belanda/Mr. Sakera fights with the Dutch
Time Circa 1970
Time Acquisition 1994
Place Madura Island or Madurese cultural area in East Java, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Kalinga Art Shop, Jl. Martadinata, Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Size 39cm x 29cm
History (Colonial Times)
Current Location Palermo, Italy (Home)
Description Sakera is a heroic (pre-independence) freedom fighter. Born in Sampang, Madura, he used the clurit (sickle) as a symbol of resistance of commoners against Dutch colonizers (while for the Dutch the clurit was a weapon of criminals). According to popular history Sakera had the soul of a knight and was not afraid to fight the Dutch. Also, it is told that Sakera defended the weakest: he took from the rich to give to poor people in Sampang.

In Madura/East Java many glass paintings portray Sakera in various poses. In this painting Sakera is portrayed as being pulled back by his wife while he confronts the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army.