Collection Number
Title Rumah Minang/Minangkabau house
Time 1950 Circa
Time Acquisition 1996
Place Unknown
Place of Acquisition Bukittinggi Antique shop
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Size 50cm x 40cm
Daily life
Current Location Bangkok, Thailand (Home)
Description The painting shows traditional Minangkabau houses with people in traditional customs in Bukit Tinggi, Western Sumatera, Indonesia (also similar to those in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia). The houses have dramatic curved roof structures with multi-tiered, upswept gables to mimic the horn of the buffalo. The architecture is known to be laced heavily with cultural values, customs and rituals and reflects the people’s understanding about designing architecture that is in harmony with nature. The house serves as a residence, a hall for family meetings, and for ceremonial activities. With the Minangkabau society being matrilineal, the house is owned by the women of the family who live there – ownership is passed from mother to daughter (adapted from

The painting was bought in Bukittinggi, but could have been made elsewhere as some characteristics, such as the trees, resemble those of painters in the Muntilan/Jogjakarta area at the time.