Collection Number 66
Title Batara Guru
Time 1960 circa
Time Acquisition 1996
Place Bali, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Antique shop, Klungkung, Bali
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Size 30cm x 42cm
Current Location Palermo, Italy (Home)
Description Batara Guru (also called Bhattara Guru, Debata Batara Guru and Batara Siwa) is the name of a supreme god in Indonesian Hinduism According to mythology, Batara Guru is a deity  that rules kahyangan, the realm of the gods. He is an avatar of Shiva that gives revelations, gifts and abilities. Batara Guru has a consort named Dewi Uma and some children. In the wayang kulit performances, Batara Guru is depicted with four hands and paralyzed legs.

The painter is unknown, but most probably the painting is from the community of Nagasepaha, Buleleng.