Collection Number 97
Title Ande-ande Lumut
Time 1970 circa
Time Acquisition 1995
Place Jogjakarta, DKJ, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Kalinga Antique Shop, Jl. Parangritis 12A, Jogjakarta, DIJ, indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Size 44cm x 34cm
Tales and Legends
Current Location Palermo, Italy (Home)
Description This painting portrays a scene from the tale of Ande-ande Lumut, who was actually Panji Asmarabangun from the Kingdom of Jenggala. In the picture, he is supposed to choose a wife. In reality, however, he is looking for his lost wife Putri Dewi Sekartaji. She had to run away during a war and disguised herself as a village girl to be safe. She has been adopted by a wealthy widow named Nyai Intan and mother of three girls who give her the name of Klenting Kuning. In the family, she is treated like a servant, but she endures all the abuses with grace and patience. After the travel in which their loyalty was tested, they all now sit with the mother in front of the prince who eventually will “choose” Klenting Kuning. When the camouflage of both is gone, they are finally happily reunited.