Collection Number 85
Title Airlanngga dan Narotama/ Airlangga and Narotama
Time 1980
Time Acquisition 1994
Place Jogjakarta, DIJ, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition From painter, Jl Tungah Padi, Umbul Arjo, Jogjakarta, DIJ, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Sulasno (Wonosari 1957 –Jogjakarta 2023)
Size 44 cm x 41 cm
Current Location Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (VME) Permanent Exhibition “Indonesian Glass Paintings: The Collection of O‘ong Maryono and Rosalia Sciortino” Link:
Description Airlangga was the son of Mahendradatta (a princess of the Isyana DynastyMedang) and Udayana Warmadewa (a king –raja– of the Warmadewa DynastyBali). He grew up in the Watugaluh Palace, under the government of Dharmawangsa. At that time, Medang had become a reasonably powerful kingdom, although subject to Bali, and had established a colony in West Kalimantan, as well as attacking the Sriwijaya Empire. In 1006, when Airlangga was sixteen, Sriwijaya retaliated against Medang for the attacks upon the Empire. Wurawari (an ally of Sriwijaya) burned Watugaluh Palace, and Dharmawangsa was killed in the battle, along with many of his subjects. Airlangga escaped into the jungle and became a hermit, accompanied by his guard, Narotama.A set with the same design was exposed at the exhibition “Pameran Lukisan Kaca Sulasno”, which was held by Bentara Budaya Jogjakarta on 7-14 April 1993.

The original painting donated to the museum was eventually broken during installation.