Collection Number 6
Title Aduan sapi/Bullfights
Time 1994
Time Acquisition 1994
Place Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death) Ilham
Size 33cm x 30cm
Daily life
Current Location Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (VME) Permanent Exhibition “Indonesian Glass Paintings: The Collection of O‘ong Maryono and Rosalia Sciortino”
Link: tranh-kinh-indonesia-en-us/
Description The painting portrays a bullfight in Bondowoso.

The bullfights were popular throughout the eastern corner of Java, especially in the regions of Bondowoso, Jember, Situbondo, Besuki, and East Probolinggo attracting thousands of people. However, with increasing Islamism, they were banned around 1999 on moral grounds and to discourage gambling.

The painter, Ilham is a pencak silat master, childhood friend of the late O’ong Maryono, who likes to experiment with various art forms, including glass paintings.