This section collects most of the writings by Rosalia Sciortino since her student years in the mid 1980s and early 1990s until now.  The section is divided by types of publications, namely: journal and book articles, books, opinion pieces in media, and a generic sub-section of “others”.  A dedicated sub-section is continuously updated to show her most recent work for a period of two years.

Whenever possible files of publications have been provided. For articles, this is generally the case, but for books, files are mostly unavailable as they could not be scanned in their entirety. Edited books are in the process of being included so the collection is still incomplete. Few early works could no longer be found, but are mentioned in the complete list of publications below for readers’ reference.


2023 [With Johanna Debora Imelda and Bagus Aryo],Chapter 5: Economic Imperatives and Implementation Biases Inhibit the COVID-19 Response in Indonesia, Who Cares? COVID-19 Social Protection Response in Southeast Asia, pp.201-252, Silkworm Books
2023 [With Teeranong Sakulsri and Rapeepun Jommaroeng], Chapter 4 “Left Behind” in Thailand’s Pursuit of Economic Recovery, Who Cares? COVID-19 Social Protection Response in Southeast Asia, pp.153-200, Silkworm Books
2023 Who Cares? An  Introduction/ Chapter 1: The Paradox of Social Protection in Southeast Asia, Who Cares? COVID-19 Social Protection Response in Southeast Asia, pp.1-38,Silkworm Books
2023 เราเรียนรู้ที่จะคุ้มครองสังคมแค่ ไหนหลังโควิด 19, กรุงเทพธุรกิจ

2023 Thailand election: Orange sway turns the

impossible into the inevitable, The Jakarta Post

2023 [With Mariantonietta Colimberti], Autoritarismo e Devianza nel Sud-Est Asiatico, AREL La Rivista, 1/23, pp. 135-139, AREL Servizi s.r.l.
2023 [With Meredith Weiss and Eva Hanssen], The failing financing of civil society in Southeast Asia, The Routledge Handbook of Civil and Uncivil Society in Southeast Asia, Chapter 9, pp. 155-174, Routledge, DOI: 10.4324/9780367422080

2022 Aiming for a gender-transformative UHC agenda in Indonesia, Gender, Technology and Development, Taylor & Francis Online,

2022 [With M. Zamal Nasution, Sakkarin Niyomsilpa & Sureeporn Punpuing], Acculturation Strategies of the Recent Wave of Indonesian Migrant Thailand, Journal of Health Research, Vol. 37: Iss. 1, Article 1

2022 [With Dewi Ratnawulan, Naruemol Tuenpakdee, Alex Pangalos and Afsana Yasmeen.], Gender and Age Inequality of Disaster Risk in Southeast Asia, UN WOMEN.

2022 Diversity and Change in Charitable Giving in Thailand, Khonthai 4.0 Program
2022 [With Inaya Rakhmani], Social Science and Covid – 19, Global Development Network
2021 Stensilan Kecil : Merayakan Persahabatan yang Tak Terlupakan
2021 [With Fabio Saini & Marc van der Putten] Myanmar’s Military Regime Has Weaponized Public Health, The Irrawaddy

2021 Insight – Informal workers in South-East

Asia: Resourceless, yet resourceful, The Star

2021 Informal workers in Southeast Asia: Resourceless, yet Resourceful, The Jakarta Post

2021 Berani Kontroversial demi Toleransi, Diharapkan Juga demi Keadilan Gender, Catatan-catatan Perempuan untuk 86 Tahun Buya Ahmad Syafii Maarif, Vol. 20 No. 1 (2021): Special Issue: Pandemic, Plague, Pestilence and the Tropics
2021 COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: much more than a health crisis, The Conversation

2021 การบริจาคเพื่ออนาคต, กรุงเทพธุรกิจ

2021 [With Anan Ganjanapan et al.] ความหลา กหลายและ การเปลี่ยนแปล งการบ ริจาคเพื่อการกุศลใน ประเทศไทย (Diversity and Change in Charitable Giving in Thailand), คนไทยใจดี: ทบทวนแนวคิดจิตสาธารณะกับสังคมไทย, Chapter 3, pp.157-205

2020 [with Fabio Saini] “Towards a comprehensive narrative and response to COVID-19 in Southeast Asia” Social Sciences and Humanities Open (SSHO) Volume 2, Issue 1,
2020 “Sexual and reproductive health and rights for all in Southeast Asia: more than SDGs aspirations” Culture, Health & Sexuality Issue Vol 22(7) pp. 744-761,
DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2020 .1718213
2020 [with Suchada Thaweesit] “The invisible intersectionality of female gender in Thailand’s response to the HIV epidemic”, Culture, Health & Sexuality, Vol 22(7), pp. 762-777
2020 [with Oosterhoff, P., Hoang, T.A. & Aggleton, P.] “Justice in sexual and reproductive health” Culture, Health & Sexuality, Vol 22(7), pp. 741-743
2020 “COVID-19 and the Unfinished Agenda of Funding Zoonotic Diseases in Southeast Asia.” New Mandala Insight, 7 May
2020 “COVID-19 and the Unfinished Agenda of Funding Zoonotic Diseases in Southeast Asia.” New Mandala Insight, 7 May
2020 “COVID-19 Response Ignores Social Context at Our Peril” The Jakarta Post, Insight, 6 April
2020 “COVID-19 Response Ignores Social Context at Our Peril”. The Bangkok Tribune, 26 April
2019 “Asie du Sud-Est: étranglement financier de la société civile” In Alternatives Sud, Asie: Des Pouvoirs et Des Lutes; Points de Vue du Sud Vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 51-68
2019 “Chapter 5 The Policy Implications of Population and Development Trends in Thailand”. In Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council et al 25 Years after the ICPD: Population and Development for a Sustainable Future in Thailand. Bangkok: UNFPA, pp. 122-145
2019 Fabric of Being; Asia Africa Textile Exhibition at the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25. Jakarta: Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia
2019 “Indonesian Voters Celebrate Democracy in Bangkok” Opinion piece in The Jakarta Post,
2019 “Unspoken challenges of ASEAN: Jakarta Post contributor” Opinion piece in The Straits Times, The Asian Voice, 21 February
2019  “Unspoken Challenges of ASEAN” Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post, 21 February
2018 “Regolarizzazione senza legalita e senza protezione per i migranti in Italia.” In RISE, Issue 3/3, Torino World Affairs Institute, 6 December (online journal)
2018 “Ombre Umane. Profughi in Thailandia. In InThailandia Vol. 5, October, pp. 64-66
2018 “Wielding the Purse String of Southeast Asian Civil Society”. New Mandala, Australian National University. July
2018 “Scapegoating the ‘Other’ in Southeast Asia”. Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post, 11 February
2018 “Scapegoating the ‘Other’ in Southeast Asia”. Opinion piece in Asia Views, 11 February
2017 “Philanthropy in Southeast Asia: Between Charitable Values, Corporate Interests, and Development Aspirations”. Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, 10(2), 139-163.
2017 “Philanthropy, giving, and development in Southeast Asia”. Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, 10(2), 129-138.
2017 “Wayang o Dalang? Il biennio della presidenza Jokowi tra pressioni e manovre.” In RISE, Issue 2/1, Torino World Affairs Institute, 21 February  (online journal)
2017 (with Dede Oetomo) “The LGBT community: Youngest stepchild?” Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post, 11 January.
2016 “Learning Across Boundaries”: Grant-making Activism in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. In Oscar Salemink (ed). Scholarship and Engagement in Mainland Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai: Silkworm Press: 141-166
2016 “ASEAN Governance: Is there a Future for Civil Society?” Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post, 19 November.
2016 “Whose Healthy ASEAN Community?” Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post, 3 June
2016 “Protection’ for low-skilled migrants leads to abuse”. Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post: 2 May
2015 (with R Tjong) “Health Human Resources: A Critical yet Challenging Pathway to Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia.” World Health & Population, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp 49-60
2015 “Kebebasan Beragama: Hak Setiap Pasangan (Religious Freedom: A Right for Every Couple?)”. In Ayu Mellisa & Husni Mubarok (eds) Agama, Kebangsaan dan Demokrasi (Religion, Nation and Democracy). Jakarta: PUSAD: 95-127
2015 “Thailandia-Italia: Emigrazione al Femminile” (Female Migration) InThailandia Vol 2, May 2015, pp. 34-36
2015 Opinion pieces in the Jakarta Post “Arts clouded in smoke” (26 September 2015)
2015 “Constitutional court fails to give girls better protection” Opinion pieces in the Jakarta Post (20 June 2015)
2014 (with S. Srivirojana, S. Punpuing, C. Robinson and P. Vapattanawong. Marginalization, Morbidity and Mortality: A Case Study of Myanmar Migrants in Ranong Province, Thailand. Journal of Population and Social Studies, Volume 22 Number 1 January 2014: 35-52
2014 Mengenang Gus Dur: Dari Mitra Memajukan Kesehatan Reproduksi ke Teman Keluarga (Remembering Gus Dur: From Ally in Advancing Reproductive Health to Family Friend” in Alai Najib (Ed) Gus Dur di Mata Perempuan (Gus Dur in Women’s Eyes). Yogyakarta: Gading Publishing pp. 253-270
2014 “A child, but old enough to be a bride”. Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post (20 October 2014)
2014 “Beware of Returning to Population Control”. Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post (8 April 2014)
2014 “Women and universal health care”. Opinion piece in the Jakarta Post (8 March 2014)
2014 [with C. Hayling] “Winner takes all in Southeast Asia” @Alliance (1 March 2014)
2013 Sexual and Reproductive Rights Are Migrants’ Rights: Contesting Policies for Low- Skilled Migrants in Southeast Asia. ARRROW for Change, Spotlight, vol. 19 no. 1, pp. 5-7
2012 “In memoriam: Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih was Committed to Research”. The Jakarta Post (4 May 2012)
2011 Contraceptive (In)Security in Southeast Asia. Asia-Pacific Population Journal, Vol. 26, No.3, pp. 3-27. September
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2010 (with N. Ridarineni and B. Mariadi) Caught between social and market considerations: a case study of Muhammadiyah charitable health services. Reproductive Health Matters. Nov;18(36), pp. 25-34
2010 (wth T. Coauette & P. Guest) “Migrasi Regional di SubKawasan Mekong Raya” In Tukiran, Pitoyo A. J. & Kutanegara P. M. Akses penduduk miskin terhadap kebutuhan dasar. Pusat Studi Kependudukan dan Kebijakan (PSKK), Universitas Gadjah Mada, pp. 361-393
2010 Achieving Contraceptive Security and Meeting Reproductive Health Needs in Southeast Asia. Bangkok: APA
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2009 (with Feinstein A.) “Portraying Cultures in a Region in Flux: Ethnographic Museums in the Greater Mekong Sub-region”. In Museums and Urban Anthropology: 66-84. Hanoi: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (with Vietnamese version)
2009 (with S. Punpuing), International Migration in Thailand. Bangkok: IOM (with Thai version)
2009 “Regional Integration in the Greater Mekong Sub-region: Opportunities and Challenges”. JapanLetter: 4-11 (with Thai translation)
2009 “L’esodo senza fine dei Rohingya” Opinion piece in Internazionale 6/12 February 2009
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2007-2009 Mekong Currents, monthly column series for Inter Press Service.
2009 Ethnographic Museums Must Examine Price of Development, Asia Research News

2009 Climate Change Paints Mekong Dams Green, The Laff Society

2007 What to Do with Burma, The Irrawaddy

2006 An Unfinished Story, The Asian Eye

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1999 (with A. Cholil & M. Iskandar), Gerakan Sayang Ibu (The Mother Friendly Movement). Jakarta: Ministry for the Role of Women.
1998 (with A. Cholil, & M. Iskander) The Life Saver: The Mother Friendly Movement in Indonesia. Jakarta: Ministry for the Role of Women.
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1991 “Cinesi in Indonesia: Utili, solo se ricchi” (The Chinese in Indonesia: useful only when rich).  La Talpa, II Manifesto, 7/6/91.
1991 “Giava addio: Deportazioni ‘civili’ nell’archipelago” (Transmigration on Java), La Talpa, II Manifesto, 7/6/91.
1990/91 “The history of the medical system in Indonesia (Part 1),” Asiantale 9, pp. 111-133
1990/91 “The history of the medical system in Indonesia (Parts 2),” Asiantale 10
1990 “Strategie di scelta in un sistema medico pluriforme” (Patients’ choices in a pluralistic medical system), La Ricerca Sociale 43/44:59-67.
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1988 De Genezende Kracht is God, Maar Hij Manifesteert Zich door/en in de Dukun, …Arts,… Konidin,… Jamu  (The Healing Power is God, but He Heals Through the Dukun,… Doctor,…Konidin… Jamu).  Work Document no. 9. Amsterdam: CASA.
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1984 (with I. Accord, M. de Bruin, et al.), Molukse Jongeren in Nederland (Young Moluccans in the Netherlands). Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit.

Editorial Activities

2018 Present Guest Editor, Symposium Issue, 9th APSRHRC, Culture, Health and Sexuality Journal
2015 Present Editor Series “Pustaka Pencak Silat” (Pencak Silat Library)
2016-2018 Guest Editor, Thematic Issue, Austrian Journal of South-East Asia Studies (ASEAS) Vol 10, No 2 (2017): Philanthropy, Giving, and Development
2011-2017 Editorial Board Member Journal of Population and Social Studies
2008 Editor, A. Zola, et al., Study on Enhancing Upland Food Security and Cross-Border Agricultural Production Supply Chains in the GMS. Bangkok: MIDAS
2001-2007 Provision of peer review and editorial support to publications produced with support of the Rockefeller Foundation, Southeast Asia Regional Office (list available on request)
2000 Member, Editorial Team, AIDS dan Penangulangannya (AIDS and Its Control), manual for students of basic nursing schools. Jakarta: Ministry of Health (3rd edition; previous editions in 1997 and 1998).
1999 Editorial Adviser, Eleven Steps to Understanding AIDS: A Guide for Journalists. Yogyakarta: LP3Y & Yayasan Galang (previous editions in Indonesian, 1994 and 1996)
1997 Guest Editor, Jurnal Perempuan, no. 4, ‘Rahim ini milik siapa?’ (Who owns this womb?). Special issue on reproductive health
1996-2000 Series Editor, “Kesehatan Reproduksi, Kebudayaan dan Masyarakat” (Reproductive Health, Culture and Society). Jakarta: Sinar Harapan, which includes the following books:

• Dwiyanto, A. & Muhadjir, D., Seksualitas, Kesehatan Reproduksi dan Ketimpangan Gender (Sexuality, Reproductive Health and Gender Inequity), 1996.
• Wagner, L. & Yatim, D., Seksualitas di Pulau Batam (Sexuality in the Island of Batam), 1996.
• Hull, T. , Sulistyaningsih, E. & Jones, G., Pelacuran di Indonesia (Prostitution in Indonesia), 1997
• Siyaranamual, J., Etika, Hak Asasi, dan Pewabahan AIDS (Ethics, Human Rights and the AIDS Epidemic), 1997
• Hartono, B. & Juliantoro, D., Derita Paksa Perempuan: Iagun Iangfu di Indonesia 1942-1945 (Women’s Forced Suffering: Comfort Women in Indonesia 1942-1945), 1997
• Kartono Mohamad, Kontradiksi dalam Kesehatan Reproduksi (Contradictions in Reproductive Health), 1998
• Adrina et al., Hak-hak Reproduksi Perempuan yang Terpasung (Repression of Women’s Reproductive Rights), 1998
• Sedyaningsih-Mamahit, E., Perempuan-perempuan Kramat Tunggak (The Women of Kramat Tunggak), 1999
• Masruchah et al., Agama, Jender dan Hak-hak Reproduksi (Religion, Gender and Reproductive Rights), 1999
• Fedyani Saifuddin, A. & Martua Hidayana, I., Seksualitas Remaja (Adolescent Sexuality), 1999.
• Juliantoro, ed., 30 Tahun Keluarga Berencana (30 years of Family Planning), 2000

1994-2000 Member, Editorial Board, Majalah Kesehatan Perkotaan (Urban Health Journal).