Collection Number 47
Title Mesjid Sunan Gunung Jati/Sunan Gunung Jati Mosque
Time 1995
Time Acquisition 1995
Place Terusmin, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia
Place of Acquisition Exposition “Pekan Budaya Cirebonan” at Bentara Budaya 27 October-5 November 1995, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Name Painter (Place and Year of Birth-Death)
Nyi Umi Sumiyati (Cirebon 1966 – )
Size 51cm x 40cm
Islam (Mosques)
Current Location Palermo, Italy (Home)
Description The Great Mosque of Cirebon (Indonesian Masjid Agung Cirebon), officially known as Masjid Agung Sang Cipta Rasa, is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia.

Located in Kraton Kasepuhan, the grandest and most well preserved palace in Cirebon, is characterized by red brick walls and a pyramid-shape roof built in three layers, called Limasan.

The mosque was established in 1480 by Sunan Gynung Jati for his wife Nyi Mas Pakungwatiis and became s a milestone in the spread of Islam by Sunan Gunung Jati.

Sunan Gunungj Jati . or Syekh Maulana Syarif Hidayatullah (1448 –1568) was one of the Wali Songo, or nine saints of Islam revered in Indonesia. He founded the Sultanate of Banten, as well as the Sultanate of Cirebon on the north coast of Java

Nyi Umi Sumiyati is one of the few female painter of glass paintings. She is the wife of Kasnan, another recognized painter, and both learned from Sugro (photo of her from exhibition catalogue).