Continue preparing for the Southeast Asian exhibition, Vietnam Museum

The preparation for the Southeast Asian cultures is kept going on. Together with building a “Kite-wing building”, in the second half of 2008, the VME will organized 3 object-collecting trips to 3 countries: Brunei, Myanmar and Singapore.

esides, a great deal of preparation is speeded up, such as: writing, editing and translating the exhibition texts into English and French; selecting photos, making video films, drawing maps; choosing and organizing the materials basing on the exhibition themes; preparing to produce exhibition cases, shelves… The opening exhibition is expected to open to public together with 2 donated exhibitions: the collection of glass paintings from the Dr. Rosalia Sciortino family and the collection of Asian objects from Prof. Kaneko Kazushige. Therefore, the VME is preparing for all the 3 exhibition areas.

In June, 2008, Mrs. Christine Hemmet, a friendly French expert, had a short working trip with the VME to help the VME staff prepare some work for the exhibition.

Nevertheless, due to the difficulties in constructing procedure, the “Kite-wing” building will not be able to complete as the plan. Therefore, the schedule for the openning exhibition in 2008 has to be postponed. We hope that it will ready be opened at the end of 2009 or 2010.

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