Year/Date: 2003
Author(s): Rosalia Sciortino & Ines Smyth
Editor(s): Frans Hüsken & Huub de Jonge
Title Article/Chapter: Mitos tentang Keselarasan: Kekerasaan Rumah Tangga di Jawa (The Myth of Harmony: Domestic Violence in Java)
Title Journal/Book/Report: Order Zonder Order: Kekerasaan dan Dendam di Indonesia 1965-1998 (Violence and Vengeance: Discontent and Conflict in New Order Indonesia 1965-1998)
Volumes, Number & Pages: pp. 147-181
Publisher: LKIS
Place Publisher: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN-10: 9793381051
ISBN-13: 9789793381053